Hello, I'm back again! - I guess that means it's the weekend. 

Today I wanted to talk about traditional anniversary gifting. Some people may think it is an outdated concept but personally I love it! When Cam and I can finally get married I plan on celebrating our anniversaries with traditional gifts.

On that note, and in case you didn't know, copper is the traditional gift given when celebrating a 7 year anniversary. Which might be just a smidge hard for me to keep a surprise when that rolls around, what do you think?

The age old practice of giving specific gifts on anniversaries dates back to the middle ages. 

The gifts for other years are as follows:

1st Anniversary - Paper
2nd Anniversary - Cotton 
3rd Anniversary - Leather 
4th Anniversary - Fruits/Flowers
5th Anniversary - Wood
6th Anniversary - Candy/Iron
7th Anniversary - Wool/Copper
8th Anniversary - Bronze/Pottery
9th Anniversary - Pottery/Willow
10th Anniversary - Tin/Aluminium
11th Anniversary - Steel
12th Anniversary - Silk/Linen
13th Anniversary - Lace
14th Anniversary - Ivory (it's worth noting that I would NEVER gift this)
15th Anniversary - Crystal 

After 15 years, the gifting shifts to every 5 years: 

20th Anniversary - China
25th Anniversary - Silver
30th Anniversary - Pearl 
35th Anniversary - Coral 
40th Anniversary - Ruby
45th Anniversary - Sapphire 
50th Anniversary - Gold and finally, 
60th Anniversary - Diamond 

Being a copper homewares and jewellery business, gives us an opportunity to celebrate so many special milestones with you whether it be gifting for birthdays or Christmas or more personalised pieces for Anniversaries. 

Although any of our copper pieces would be fitting for a seventh Anniversary, our copper coasters have been particularly popular. We offer them with the generic stamping '7 years together' (pictured) or you can get more personal and pick your caption, quote or date here!

Second to the coasters, our copper cuffs are also incredibly popular in celebrating Anniversaries. These can be custom designed, shaped and stamped almost any way you like.

If coasters and cuffs aren't for you - you can check out our entire range here or if you want a completely custom piece, reach out to us here, the only limit is your imagination. 

- With love,

Cam + Beth 

April 24, 2021 — Elizabeth Fleming
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