Yep, you read that right. We got married! Finally!

Our original wedding date was scheduled for November 6th, 2020 but as the pandemic unfolded we decided to postpone as a lot of our important guests were coming from overseas. We actually rescheduled twice because initially we were hoping to still have everyone but we quickly realised that was never going to be the case. So, to avoid having to cancel everything at the last minute, we decided to have an elopement style wedding with just our parents.

Leading up to the day, we began flip flopping backwards and forwards about whether or not we should invite the siblings we had here, but ultimately we decided against it because we thought it'd be unfair to have some of them and not all of them.

We had a couple of hiccups a few days out, but in the end everything was amazing. We had the most perfect day, with perfect weather and Cam even managed to sneak in a surprise. 

The day before the wedding Cam told me he was going to lunch with his mum. Before heading home from 'lunch' he rang me to say his mum was going to come back to the house with him for a bit, which I thought was a little weird considering she lives about half an hour away. When he got home, he just walked in and left the front door wide open. Then from behind me I heard 'HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY!' I looked behind me, to see my best friend Alicia and then her husband Rhys. I was so surprised! There was tears from us both, as it has been just over two years since we've seen each other. 

Alicia and I have been friends since we were 15, which is now 11 years. We met in high school and worked together after school. When I moved to Perth in 2015, we were determined not to let the distance change things, we have seen each other 3 times in 6 years, we've both been married, bought houses, started new jobs and Alicia has had two children. We have the kind of friendship where we don't need to talk everyday and no matter the time apart, we pick up back where we left off. I am incredibly grateful to have her in my life. What an amazing surprise.

After the wedding, we all checked into Crown Perth. We stayed at the Towers for two nights which as always, was amazing. Except for the fact that my hot water bottle went missing... devastated is an understatement hahaha. 

As my parents had come over from Adelaide, we postponed our 'honeymoon' by a few days to spend time with them before they headed home. 

We then headed down south to Margaret River for four days. It was one of the best trips we've ever had. We stayed in town, which was great, we were walking distance to everything. We didn't use our car once whilst we were down there. We hired bikes and cycled out to the river and dam. It was a 15-20km round trip, we were exhausted. We had an INCREDIBLE dinner at Swings and Roundabouts in Margaret River itself. Cam spent the entire dinner, talking about how good his dinner was. That speaks for itself. The next day, we went on our second Winery and Brewery Tour with Margie's Big Day Out, we had another amazing day, our favourite stop was our first... Happs Winery. It was raining and it was so beautiful. I could have stayed in Marg's forever. 

Sadly, a couple of days later we had to head home. There is never enough days down south! I'm sure all our Perth peeps can agree. 

We are now back on our full-time grind, gearing up for a busy second half of the year. How is it almost July? I feel like as I get older, time goes faster. 

Anyway, I think that's enough for now. I hope you enjoyed our little update.

With love, 
Beth + Cam

June 20, 2021 — Elizabeth Fleming

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