Hi all, we've got some exciting news to share! 📣

If you hadn't guessed it yet from the title, we've been named a 2023 Local Business Hero by Australia Post.

What is an AusPost Local Business Hero?
The Local Business Hero Program was established by Australia Post many years ago to recognise, support and celebrate small Australian businesses for their contribution to the local Community. 

What is Empire Copper's contribution?
Since Empire Copper's inception, a focus point and core value of ours was to continuously find ways to contribute to our local and international Community. We achieve this in a number of ways.

Firstly, we source all of our materials (copper, brass and bronze) from Australian suppliers either in Perth or from the East Coast. Any excess material that we are left with after a piece or project is completed, will be taken to a local scrapyard to be recycled. Copper is 100% recyclable and can be recycled over and over again, making it the world's most recycled material. Recycled copper already makes up about 30% of the world's annual copper trade. This is 20,000,000 metric tonnes!

We use a Perth supplier to manufacture our packing and shipping boxes. The boxes are custom made to our product sizing and specifications, allowing a reduction in waste and reduced postage costs for our customers. Our void fill (packing peanuts), customer cards, care instructions and packing tape are all purchased from Australian suppliers and are all recyclable or biodegradable.

Each year we choose 3 - 4 charities or organisations that are important to us or our Community to support financially. We decided that we wanted this to be a part of our business model, business values and who we are from the very beginning. In 2022/23, we have donated $1000 to MSF (Doctor's without Borders), $500 to the Volunteer Fire and Rescue Services WA , $200 to Perth Homeless Support Group and, $513 to Cancer Council WA with plans to donate more to additional charities later this year.

Where is Empire Copper's local Community?
Our 'physical' local Community is about 20 minutes north of Perth city in Western Australia however, as we are an ecommerce Company and very active across our social media channels we know that we have a global Community of amazing customers, clients and metal admirer's. 

What does it mean to be a Local Business Hero?
For us, being a Local Business Hero means two things.
1. Recognition and 2, Awareness. Recognising that we are always working hard on the best possible product and service; putting our clients needs first. Then, bringing large scale awareness to us as people, our brand, business and values.

What did you win?
Part of being a 2023 Local Business Hero was a $5000 prize pack from Australia Post! We were presented with 8 prize options and told to pick 5. We focused on new business/office equipment and selecting all the marketing materials and opportunities we could get.

Speaking of marketing opportunities, you'll now be able to head to your local Australia Post office and find our faces, branding and business story (among others) gracing the walls, screens and countertops.

We've already been #spotted in Morayfield, Queensland (on day 1) and we'd love to know where else we end up! If you see us; snap a pic for your story, your feed or feel free to slide into our DM's. If you're sharing online, don't forget to tag us @empirecopper and we'll be in touch to send you a little surprise.

LASTLY, we want to thank every single one of you.

For reading our blogs, posts and stories.
For sharing our creations with your friends, families and colleagues.
For liking, loving, commenting and sharing our posts.
For purchasing from us.
For trusting us with your special moments and celebrations.
For trusting the process. 

- Love ya,
Cam + Beth

June 29, 2023 — Elizabeth Fleming

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