Copper and Brass can be incorporated into herb, vegetable or flower gardens in many ways. Keep reading to discover some of our favourite uses of Copper and Brass in a garden setting. 

  1. Tools: Copper and Brass tools, such as trowels, pruners, and hand forks, are durable and resistant to rust. They provide an excellent alternative to traditional steel or iron tools. Copper and Brass tools are also believed to have natural fungicidal properties that can help prevent the spread of plant diseases. Empire Copper Recommends: GRAFA Artisan Garden Tools from $69.00

  2. Vegetable, Herb and Plant Tags or Stakes: Copper and Brass Plant Tags are an attractive and long-lasting option for marking your herbs, vegetables or plants. Our Copper or Brass Tags can be entirely customised with the names of plants, herbs or vegetables in your garden; being durable metals, these tags can withstand outdoor conditions and remain sturdy for many years. Empire Copper Recommends: Copper and Brass Garden Tags and Herb Stakes from $12.00

  3. Trellises and Supports: Copper and Brass can be used to create trellises, stakes, and supports for climbing plants in your garden. These sparkling metals add an aesthetic touch while offering durability. Copper and Brass supports are also less likely to break or deteriorate over time compared to materials like bamboo or wood. Empire Copper Recommends: Hazel and Theo Co XL Winding Copper Trellis from $31.93

  4. Slug and Snail Deterrents: Copper and Brass have a natural repellent effect on slugs and snails. These common garden pests that can damage the herbs, vegetables and plants in your garden. Creating a barrier with copper or brass mesh around your garden beds can help prevent these pests from reaching your plants. Empire Copper Recommends: Fruugo Copper Garden Mesh from $21.95

  5. Watering Cans: Using a Copper or Brass watering can not only adds a touch of elegance to your garden but also offers practical benefits. Copper and Brass cans are generally lightweight, durable, and resistant to corrosion. They provide a consistent and gentle flow of water, preventing damage to delicate herbs or vegetable plants. Empire Copper Recommends: Haws Copper Rowley Ripple & Brass Smethwick Spritzer from $149.50

Not only are these Copper and Brass gardening items aesthetically pleasing, they all possess the ability to provide positive effect in your garden. Remember to use Copper and Brass products aptly and always in accordance with the products individual guidelines. Additionally, while Copper and Brass have certain beneficial properties, they should not be relied upon as a standalone solutions for major pest or disease problems. Integrated pest management and good gardening practices are still essential for maintaining a healthy garden.

I'd love to know. What's on your gardening wish list?

- Beth x

August 04, 2023 — Elizabeth Fleming
Tags: Gift Guides

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