We thought we'd do something a little different this Mother's Day and let our mum's take over the blog...Kicking it off is Cam's mum, Marianne. 

Tell us about yourself...

My name is Marianne Cross, née Haast. I am first generation Australian with Dutch parents. I was born in NSW and moved to Perth when I was 12 with Mum, Dad and brother Brian. I have a very large family consisting of 7 brothers, and I am child number 8. I am the youngest child and the only girl. I have four beautiful children, one daughter in law, 2 sons in law and four grandchildren. I work for WA Health in Immunisation.

Tell us about your mum (Cam's Oma)

My Mums name is Catharina Elizabeth Haast, née Catharina Elizabeth Van Den Dungen. Her best qualities is that she is always laughing and happy (unless you take her out in public, but we won’t mention that). Mum is very kind and thoughtful, putting others before herself, often buying random small gifts or lotto tickets for her family or giving away something that belongs to her, if she thinks one of us needs or wants it more. My mum loves children, and has dedicated her whole life to taking care of them and creating special memories with them, whether it be her own children, grandchildren or great grandchildren.

Tell us something that your mum did or said that you swore you NEVER do as a mum...

I can’t think of much as mum and I are very different. However when we were little, she used to make us cubby houses/tents by hanging sheets over chairs and we would all sit inside them and eat cheezels, lollies and drink cordial. Then she did the same thing with the grandkids. I remember thinking at the time that when I had grandkids, I would just build or buy them a cubby house/tent. But then when Jordan and Ruby (Cam's nephew and niece) were smaller, I too made it for them, and we sat inside and ate Maccas and played games.

Tell us about Cam...

Cam, born at 2.24am on Good Friday, 13/4/1990 at St Anne’s Maternity Hospital Mt Lawley. Weighing 8lbs 9ozs, 52cms long. Born with determination. Determined to never sleep. Determined to drink as much milk as possible. Determined to be as naughty as possible. Determined to be stubborn. Determined to be known as the favourite child. (And maybe he is, but shhhhh). But, most determined to succeed in all he takes on. Cam is often quiet spoken, sometimes I feel like telling him to speak up a little. He is also kind, loving, considerate, funny, artistic and one in a million. In my eyes, he will always be my little boy and I am very lucky to have him as my son.

Tell us your favourite thing about being a mum...

My favourite thing about being a mum, is when my children come to visit me and they give me a great big “Great to see you mum” hug, and tell me everything that they have been up to lately, or ask for for my thoughts or advice on something. I also love it when they ask “what’s for lunch”. It brings back memories of when they were growing up, and a happy feeling that they still need their mum sometimes, no matter how old they are.

Tell us your favourite Empire Copper piece...

Without a doubt the half time blue patina clock is my favourite copper piece, because it really stands out as artwork on a wall, and blue is my favourite colour.

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April 08, 2022 — Elizabeth Fleming


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