A Moscow Mule is a cocktail that is typically made with: Vodka, Ginger Beer and Lime Juice, served in a Copper Mug and garnished with Lime and Mint. 

I actually only had my first ever Moscow Mule in June this year and was pleasantly surprised with the delicious taste. 

Since then and due to our introduction of the Clinq Copper Glasses, we've been making the tasty Moscow Mules at home!

Here is our recipe for the perfect and original Moscow Mule:
Firstly, you'll a need a copper cup, glass or mug - also known as a mule mug.
Secondly, fill your copper cup up at least half way with ice.
Then add:
30mL (1 shot) of Vodka - we have been using Smirnoff but any vodka will do.
15mL (1/2 shot) of Happs Limette which is a delicious, almost liqueur made entirely in Margaret River, WA from a white wine base and fresh lime juice. 
Topped up with Ginger Beer, to keep it low calorie but still delicious we have been loving the Diet Rite Ginger Beer  which can be bought at Woolworths.
Finally, garnish with a slice of lime, some mint and ENJOY!


September 25, 2021 — Elizabeth Fleming

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