First of all you may be wondering, why bronze?

Well, bronze is actually a metal alloy primarily made of copper and about 12% tin. Bronze was created to be a stronger metal. Copper and tin are both considered 'soft metals' but, when combined to create bronze, they bond well making a more durable material. Whilst we use bronze as a combination of copper and tin, Bronze can also be made made by bonding: 

  • Silicon Bronze: Silicon, Copper and Zinc
  • Phosphor Bronze: Phosphorus, Copper and Tin
  • Aluminium Bronze: Copper and Aluminium
  • Manganese Bronze: Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Aluminium and Iron
  • Bearing Bronze: Lead and Copper

Bronze was the first metal alloy created by humans during a time period known as 'The Bronze Age'. The Bronze Age was from 3300BC to 1200BC. Turkey, Iran and Iraq were among the first countries to develop tools and weapons from bronze.

Bronze is typically a metallic, brown colour and these days is used for the construction of sculptures, musical instruments, nautical equipment, car parts, screws and bearings. Bronze is considered a metal of the high arts and, has been gifted as a traditional 8th Anniversary gift for hundreds of years (dating back to the 18th Century). This is where we come in. 

Our new bronze collection is compromised of six core lines:

  • 8 Year Anniversary Brushed Bronze Coaster Set
    Just like our 7 Year Anniversary Coaster Set, this set of 2, 4 or 6 coasters is engraved/stamped '8 YEARS TOGETHER'. Each coaster is made from real, brushed bronze and is fitted with a rustic wood base. 
  • Brushed Bronze Coaster Set
    This set is for those who just love the bronze look or, those with something special to say. Using up to 20 characters, you choose what you'd like engraved on the coaster set. Popular ideas are: Anniversary dates and your initials or surname. Each coaster is made from real, brushed bronze and is fitted with a rustic wood base. These sets are available as 2, 4 or 6.
  • Bronze Anniversary Tally Custom Keyring
    Our Bronze Anniversary Tally Custom Keyring is made from bronze and finished with a planished (hammered) effect. This effect causes the keyring to glisten and sparkle when hit with the sun; available in a tally mark of eight (8th Bronze Anniversary) and nineteen (19th Bronze Anniversary). Or, go for a custom piece, remove the tally mark and add customisation with up to 10 characters of your choice. 
  • 8 Year Bronze Anniversary Tally Custom Trinket Dish
    Celebrate your Bronze Anniversary (8th or 19th) by giving your partner's jewellery or keepsakes the home they deserve. This bedside addition is engraved with a tally of eight, nineteen, custom engraving up to 10 characters of your choice or, no engraving at all.
  • Bronze Minimalist Wall Clock
    The Bronze Minimalist Wall Clock is a subtle, statement piece; perfect to adorn a work or home office, loungeroom, kitchen or bedroom. This piece is available as a brushed round of bronze, with no hour markings, signature black hands and a completely silent movement. The Bronze Clock is currently offered in two sizes, 25cm and 29.5cm. For an extra special touch, add custom engraving/stamping of your choice up to 20 characters. 
  • Bronze Trinket or Candle Tray - Gold Patina
    Our Bronze Candle and Trinket Tray is made from real bronze and finished with a sparkling Gold Patina. This special pieces comes in a standard size of 235mm W x 150mm D however, can be custom made into any size (up to 2 metres - yes, that's possible!). Gifting it? Add custom engraving/stamping of your choice up to 20 characters.

Now that you know all about our new Bronze Collection, here are the important details:

Launch Date: Thursday, September 8, 2022
Launch Time: 6:00pm WST 

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- Cam + Beth

September 01, 2022 — Elizabeth Fleming

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