When we first launched Empire Copper in 2019 we had three items (all copper) in our collection:
  • A set of coasters
  • A serving tray and, 
  • A clock (as seen below).
Empire Copper, Wrought Iron, Vintage Clock with a Copper and Green Patina Backing
This clock style was incredibly popular, garnering international attention bringing in our first EVER overseas sale. The clock pictured is the actual clock now living pretty in Las Vegas. It wasn't until we sold out of and struggled to source, the wrought-iron vintage clock face that we began our real clock making journey. For up to two years after its sad discontinuation from our range, Cam and I from time to time, would search for wrought-iron clock faces again and again with no luck!

However, this challenge pushed us out of our comfort zone; knowing that our stock was dwindling, Cam began experimenting on plain, pure copper clock faces using a wide variety of patination methods. The success of this allowed us to introduce two new clock styles:

The first sample clocks we ever made in these styles. 📷

Blowtorch Patina Copper Clock with Silver Hands | Made by Empire CopperBlue Patina Copper Clock with Black and Copper Vintage Hands | Made by Empire Copper
In July of 2020, almost a year since we'd turned Cam's hobby into a business, we had a potential client contact us with a custom request. The client wanted a fusion of our blowtorch patina copper clock and our blue patina copper clock; essentially a 50:50 split of being able to see the brushed, bare copper and the other part being our signature blue patina. At this point, I'm sure you've probably figured out what came next but, just in case you haven't we made for this customer what is now known as our Blue, Copper Half Time Clock and is our #1 best-selling product all over the world.

Our first ever blue "half time" clock VS 100+ blue "half time" clocks later.
The first "half time" blue patina copper clock ever made by Empire Copper
Since the inception of the half time clock, we've made and sold hundreds of them to more than 15 countries around the world and, introduced two additional colourways - black and green; forming our "half time" copper clock collection.

As the popularity of the "half time" collection grew, we got to work on developing more copper clock styles, expanding our range even further. We dabbled in square clocks, rectangular "art series" clocks, tried and succeeded with new patinas (our sparking gold) and, failed to replicate other patina colourways... (turquoise, we'll conquer you one day).

Eventually, we took it back to basics, introducing a minimalist, brushed copper clock with or without hour markers

📷 Minimalist Brushed Copper Wall Clock 

Four years on, we are still designing, developing and manufacturing products. Our next copper clock goal to achieve is creating a stunning turquoise patina and being able to closely replicate it over and over again being the perfect fusion of character and consistency. 

Have you got a copper clock idea that you'd like to see us make?
Just this year we made a custom piece for a client; a dachshund shaped clock!
What about a patina colour you'd love to see us try? 
Share your thoughts in the blog comments below, the only limit is your imagination. 

- Love, 
Cam + Beth

September 09, 2023 — Elizabeth Fleming


Patrick Chandler said:

Hello, I purchased a blue patina copper clock on etsy recently and was contacted by a gentleman in Turkey asking if I was okay with the look before shipped.
I just want to be sure I purchased from your business and not someone copying you all. Please confirm. Thanks

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