Hi gang! As always, thank you SO much for being here. 

This month has been extra sweet because Empire Copper turned 2!
To celebrate we held a giveaway, gave you a birthday cake candle gift with purchase and had a huge 20% off sale.

On our actual birthday day (October 22nd) we stayed at Pan Pacific Perth and had dinner and cocktails at a Peruvian Restaurant, Uma. We only stayed one night though and thankfully so because you all went CRAZY for our sale - we are still getting orders out!

The variety of orders placed during the sale has really made my heart happy.
I really do feel like we are edging closer to having something for everyone whether you're a Sunday bruncher, a weekend gardener, an avid home styler or just a romantic partner. You might think it crazy but the day the sale began, I cried. I was (and still am) feeling so grateful for all of you.

I still can't believe we just turned 2. This time last year we didn't even have a website - we were just selling on Etsy and getting ready for another Christmas market. So much has changed in just 12 months, we reached so many milestones and looking back on it all is a little shocking (in the best possible way). If we can achieve what we have in 2 years, imagine 5, 10 or 20 years from now; I feel so ecstatic thinking about the future. 

Before you go, I've got a little assignment for you.
I've been thinking more and more lately about a charity we'd like to align ourselves with. There are so many incredible organisation's out there and I'd love your opinion! Who should we support? I'd love to hear your/their why. 
I'd love to choose a human charity and an animal organisation too.

I'll put a post up on our Instagram so make sure you head there to vote. 

- With love always,
Beth + Cam

October 30, 2021 — Elizabeth Fleming

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