Hey everyone, welcome back to another blog post and as always, thank you so much for being here.

I am SO excited to share this story with you because it is one of my favourite things we've been apart of since founding Empire Copper.

You may or may not know that copper is the traditional Anniversary gift for a 7th Wedding Anniversary. Whilst our pieces have been part of many Anniversary celebrations, this one was extra special.

Xanthe reached out to us via email about 7 days before her Anniversary. She wanted to buy a personalised clock however, she couldn't decide which style she favoured the most. Xanthe wanted to see the clocks in person before deciding so as a Perth local she was able to head into Cafe Collective Karrinyup to have a look at some of our pieces there. Upon deciding on a colour scheme and style, we set to work on a custom clock for Xanthe and her partner, which at this stage we only knew as 'R'. 

A few days later, Cam received a text message from a customer wanting to buy a set of the Clinq Stemless Champagne Flute's for his Anniversary which was coming up that weekend. Luckily, this customer was another Perth local. As Cam was out at the time he got the message, he rang me about the stock as I am most up to date with our inventory. We definitely had some sets left.

I got home from work later that afternoon and headed into the workshop to see Cam. He mentioned that the person buying the champagne flutes was living in the same suburb as an order we'd already had this week. We both thought, that it was weird and Cam even said, 'what are the odds?'.

We thought on it for a bit and I said to Cam, 'wait, what's this guys name?' Cam had a look back through his messages and said, 'his name is Regan'. I thought back to Xanthe's stamping... "TWO ATOMS THEY COLLIDE..." and "X + R". Cam and I both looked at each other grinning excitedly. What were the odds that a couple had both reached out to us for a surprise copper Anniversary gift, that they wanted to collect on the same day!? I was thinking about how we could confirm this when I remembered that Xanthe had checked out on the website using her husband's PayPal account! I went back through our emails and as we had suspected, it was Regan. 

 We actually did some sort of weird, little happy dance. We love being part of celebration's but the fact that they had both picked Empire Copper, made it extra special. Now that we knew they were both coming to collect on the same day, we had to be stealthy and schedule them to come at least a few hours apart.

I devised a plan. When they each came to collect their gift, I got Cam to tell them that we were doing a feature on our socials of our 7 Year Anniversary customers and then he asked if they'd mind having their photo taken? Luckily for us, they were both happy to oblige. Disclaimer: This isn't something we'd normally do but due to the circumstance, we thought it might be something they'd like to have for themselves. 

Xanthe and Regan collecting their copper gifts from Empire Copper

 Regan came first and had their daughter with him.
 After they left, Cam said to me,
 "What if when Xanthe comes, she brings their   daughter, and she says hey I've already been here   today!". We hoped for the best and luckily, Xanthe   came alone. After they both had been, we spent the   afternoon chuffed with ourselves wondering when their   gift exchange would happen. 

Later that day, we received a text message from Xanthe saying "Omg, I think you met my husband this morning, Regan! Great minds!" 

We had a little chuckle and replied telling them we had figured it out a few days ago and really wanted to keep it a secret for them, hence a little bit of inflexibility with our collection hours. They were both very thankful! 

Over the weekend, they celebrated their 7th Anniversary, exchanging their copper gifts and popping some champagne. They even sent us some photos to share! 


We'd like to thank Xanthe and Regan for choosing Empire Copper and for putting a smile on two, dorky business owners' faces AND to all of our readers, Happy Valentine's Day! 
- Love, Cam + Beth 

February 14, 2022 — Elizabeth Fleming

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